Nijo Castle Bike Ride

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Jan 13, 2015 18:29
On the way home, I chose a street on which Nijyo Castle was located after my family finished eating sushi near Nijyo Station. We saw the Castle for the first time in one year. My daughters' kindergarten was near the Castle so we used to go there until when my younger daughter had went to the kindergarten.

Here are some photos:

I noticed that the tree walls on the street, surrounding the Castle, became less taller than before. The tree walls were cut under my head. So I could see more in the Castle. I told my elder daughter that fact, and she also noticed that.

It was good for everyone to be able to view the old structure like that. Speaking of the Castle, it was registered as the World Heritage Sites. There is actually no castle, and there are some remaining wooden structures. So you can't actually see the Castel itself, but you can walk around some famous wooden houses and beautiful gardens there..

Please visit the Nijyo Castle if you visit Kyoto ;) if you like to jog you can jog around the tree walls too

I can talk about the history of the castle then :)