Lunch in the Owl Cafe in Kyoto (with no wildlife)

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Jan 24, 2015 21:51
I took my daughters to Owl Cafe near my apartment. The restaurant provides some wonderful sandwiches meal sets. We love it.

They serves us a cup of soup first. My daughters always love the soup and the soup is usually creamy and it's made from milk and vegetable like corn, pumpkins. However, the soup was specially a Japanese style one which contains mochi. Interesting.

I love the sandwiches the restaurant offers. I ordered egg and ham sandwiches. It was delicious.

My elder daughter chose salmon and onion sandwiches and my younger daughter tarako spaghetti.

We fully enjoyed the Owl lunch sets. Some people had asked me whether they could touch an owl in the Owl cafe, but they can't. There is no wildlife in the cafe.

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