"Want a cycling city? Design for traffic safety" (Part.1 Bogotá, Colombia )

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Mar 17, 2015 09:01
I've just read the first part of the article, called "Want a cycling city? Design for traffic safety", which I mentioned yesterday. I was surprised by the fact that the World Bike Forum was held at Colombia, South America. and I read the part below

Attention for Lang-8 friends: You don't have to correct the "sentences" below because they were quoted from the article

"At the city level, a cohesive network of bicycle facilities that connects parks, streets, waterfronts, and other vital corridors is necessary for ensuring safe cycling conditions. Copenhagen’s well-known network is a great example of this kind of comprehensive planning. A similar network is emerging in Minneapolis, where on-street buffered and protected bicycle lanes are expanding the city’s already renowned off-street trail network. Bogotá, Colombia has nearly 392 km of bicycle lanes, 232 km of which were built during the Enrique Peñalosa administration from 1998 to 2001. According to the recently released bicycle account for the city, cycling in Bogotá has steadily increased from around 0.5 percent of daily trips in 1996 to 6 percent in 2014. Overall, in fact, Latin American cities actually have some of the most extensive cycling infrastructure outside of Europe."

I have already known that Copenhagen and Minneapolis are one of the most bike friendly cities in the world, at least I sometimes read such an information while I also think the number of bike people is critically more in Japan than in those cities. Anyway, I was surprised by the fact that cities in South Africa like Bogota is the most attracting city in making the best structure of the best bike city. I remember that a mother living in Chile contacted me last year. I also talked about the FIFA World Cup 2014 with her. Chile won Spain and Australia. She was eager to get a mama bicycle, but it was a shame that she gave it up for a personal reason. I may understand that people in South America may be interested in mama bicycles in the future. Haha, I will keep writing for them too. That's all for today.

My blog link: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2015/03/want-cycling-city-design-for-traffic.html
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