I was very upset when I received e-mail from a man who had arranged...

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Aug 30, 2013 19:43
I was very upset when I received e-mail from a man who had arranged for my shipping a mama bicycle to Shanghai. I was about to order the bike, and I communicated about the shipping with a woman in Shanghai who was ready to order it.

In his e-mail, he told me that a buyer in China had to hold the CCC license when they take out some imported goods from the Chinese custom. I haven't heard that ever. I was shocked, and immediately told that to the buyer in Shanghai.

Her first contact was two month ago. She wants to get a 26 inch family bike, Ankjelino mama bicycle, but you can't ship the size of the bike because of the size regulation from every forwarders.

I once gave up shipping the 26 inch bike to her. One day, I noticed that there were a lot of shipment between Japan and China nowadays. I assumed that there would be a forwarder which could ship a variety goods from Japan to China.

Firstly, I contact a friend in Shanghai and she gave me a tip to find such a forwarder. I called many Chinese shops around my apartment. I then finally found a Chinese forwarding company, thank to her. The friend in Shanghai kindly found the phone numbers of the company.

I called, and a guy replied. He took his vacation in Shanghai, and he said that he would return to Japan after the vacation. I called him last week, and he gave me the solution when you ship the family bike to China.

I quit to tell about the detail of the solution. I could have shipped the Anjelino to the woman in Shanghai... I apologized her. It's a shame at all.

I will continue my Seattle plan though.