I would like to write about fishing in a small river in my parents&...

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Aug 19, 2013 05:13
I would like to write about fishing in a small river in my parents' home town tonight. Obon is almost over. I have to go to Okayama prefecture todayto visit a client company. I would like to just write about our summer obon holidays before work. I will recall your corrections in my last post. Thank you.

My nephew seemed to often fish there during her stay in my parents' home. She is my sister's daughter. She stayed in my parents' home longer than my family. The small river runs next to my aunt's home. My nephew said there were many fishes to catch. My daughters were excited when they listened to my nephews' story, so I took all of them there to fish.

I took them to another place before fishing. The other destination was a pond which is called Mishima Ike. My nephew once lived there with my sister's family. It's a beautiful place to visit. My family and I had been there too. It has been a while to go there since I last went there. There were many big carps and a few ducks. My daughters and my nephew excitedly gave some piece of bread to these natural creatures. It was a beautiful landscape and a fun thing.

We then went to a Ibuki farm next to the Ibuki Mountain which I had took my father to climb last week. The farm shop provides very good ice cream to taste. The taste didn't betray our expectations at all. It was very delicious.

Back to fishing, the children, my aunt and my wife rolled up our sleeves and struggled in the small river with many wild fishes.
The fishes were very skillful to swim out from our hands. It's not easy to catch them. We think out a strategy to catch the fish.
Two teams walked towards each other from the reverse sides. Finally we could caught some of the fishes.

We got a good obon memory this week. I am thankful to these things.