Flew to a library

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Feb 25, 2017 10:06

Caption:A book in the public library


Thank you for your words for flu of my youongest daughter. She has completely got better. My youngest daughter and I often go to a public library nowadays. Last week I took her there. When she was three years old we used to often go there too. 

We can borrow books from the library for two weeks. She usually finish reading them within a week. So we sometimes go there every week. She always the secreat serise, for example how cold ice cube made, the secret of teeth brush, the secret of soy sorce and others. She already read 50 of the secret series. 

She can still sit in the rear child seat. She has grown up 9 years old. My mama bicycle and the rear child seat are really tough, right? See you next weekend. Shuichi

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