The most interesting thing that day was....

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Aug 11, 2013 07:46
I was busy planning about selling mama bicycles to Seattle lately. There are many obstacles which dont't easily allow me to go forward. However, I will do it :) I'm also searching for a forwarder which can ship a mama bicycle to Shanghai. Kindly, a friend in Shanghai talked about it with me on Skype and she introduced me a Chinese forwarder. I will call it today....

Anyway, here is the post which is the continuation of my latest post..

We restarted to pedal toward the JR Kyoto Station from Gojyo in Kyoto. From the pictures, you can see the sky which was interestingly cloudy.

We then went west from the Kyoto Station toward toward Nishihonganji-temple. The cloud in the sky still appeared to be interesting.

On the corner of the Nanajyo-Horikawa intersection I saw a strange clothes woman riding her mama bicycle. She wore clothes to all parts of her body.
七条堀川の交差点で変な服を着た女性がmama bicycleに乗っているのを見ました。全身に衣類を身につけていました。

Of course, she tried to prevent from being tanned from the strong sunshine. But her clothing was the most interesting that day :)
勿論、強い日差しで日焼け止めのためにそうしていたわけです。でも、このフl区沿うがその日いちばんかわったことでした :)