Her father kindly send me this wonderful picture from Prague.

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Aug 13, 2013 06:31
Her father kindly send me this wonderful picture from Prague.

I am very glad at each time when I receive their happy mama bicycle life pictures from them.
彼らから楽しそうなmama bicycleライフの写真を受け取るたび、とてもうれしいです。

The family and their daughter are completely familiar with this Japanese specific bike, specific to people outside of Japan.

Some parents and some mothers are concerned about seating their children on front.

I understand why they think so. As for me, I'm concerned about child's falling out when they sit on the back of a family bike without a child seat back, especially they feel asleep. However, it should be safe.

The bottom line is someone try it or not. If someone actually try it they should say, "It's not dangerous at all.". Another think, this Anjelino mama bicycle has been being sold to the sold number of 300,000 so far. The number may be the world record of sold family bike.