Family Bike to the Toji and the private junior high school

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Jul 28, 2013 06:43
Last month, my family and I went to an open campus. Can you understand the word, "open campus.". This sound and world is used in Japan when you go and see how the school is as a candidate to the school next year. If not, please tell me the word. Back to the story, My family and I biked to the Tojyo, which is one of the World Heritage Sites in Kyoto.

Usually, we go there along Ohmiya Street on the way mainly because the JR Kyoto Statrion stop us to go from north to south over it when we use Karasuma Street. The temple is located to the south from the station.

Bike down to south you can encounter NanaJyo Street which leads to east to the JR Kyoto Station. You can bike across the line only when you bike along Ohmiya Street. You are supposed to bike under the truck.

After going over the truck you will soon visit the Toji Temple. My family and I went to a school next to the temple.

It's a popular private junior high school even in Japan. There were many people who would like to explore the school with their families. You can take some simulated classes like mathematics, English, science and more. My daughter even participated in the competitive Karuta club. A master of Karuta was also there and he completely beat her,haha.

After the open campus. We waled in the Toji Temple.

The Temple was established in around early 800 as Kyoto started to be the capital in Japan in 794. Koubou-Taishi, the greatest monk told his teaching called Shingon Shu, one of the major Buddhism in Japan.

The Toji Temple is said that these wooden structures had been burned sometimes and re built sometimes. You can see the old and famous wooden sculptures in these houses. These wooden Buddhism sculptures are captivating. You can feel the cal,m of Buddhism there. Go to the Toji!

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