A typical sized mama bicycle in front of a Kyoto inn.

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Mar 15, 2015 07:22
I took the photos of a typically popular mama bicycle in Japan. I walked to my office in one afternoon. The mama bicycle was Anjelino Bridgestone. The front wheel size was 22 inches and the rear 26 inches. I think this size is available for almost all Japanese mothers. My mama bicycle sizes are the same.

It was parked on the corner of a Japanese hotel. It looks an old and traditional style in appearance on this photo, but it was built three years ago by Mitsui group. The hotel was Mitsui Garden annex on Shinmachi street Kyoto. It may be good for tourists in Kyoto. That's all for today.

Blog link: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2015/03/a-typical-sized-mama-bicycle-in-front.html