An Off Topic: Gion Matsuri, the Night Festival

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Jul 16, 2016 21:55

Gion Matsuri has come! Gion Matsuri is not only one of the three biggest Kyoto festival but also one of the three biggest Japanese festivals. It is held during July every year. My family and I attend the festival every year. From 14th July to 16th July the night festival is being held at night. Near one million people gather to the night festivals.
My family always go to the night festival, and yesterday we walked around the streets. So my eldest daughter and I had dinner near a curry restaurant that was not special for the night festival.

However, my eldest daughter and I walked around the streets after our curry diner. Too many people walked to walk by normal speed. There were about twenty festival vehicles with many lanterns. People were taking photos of the festival vehicles. They walked with beer and foods. That situation was as same as every year.

My eldest daughter and I planed to meet my wife and my youngest daughter who were walking with youngest daughter's friend and the friend's parents. My daughters played games at stalls alond the streets. It was a very fun night as usual. Shuichi Kyoto

Caption; My youngest daughter and her friend tried a lot for Disney cushions.

Caption: My eldest daughter tried a model gun shooting.
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