Magic space in a mall near the Kyoto Station

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Jan 26, 2015 19:31
This is a continuation of my last post. We arrived at a Mall near Kyoto station.

On the way, we biked under the JR line.

The mall was on the south side of the Kyoto station.

So a lot of people walked to the mall.

A lot of people biked there too. There was a large bike parking lot on the east side of the mall.

We walked to a funny event in the mall. The event seemed to be interesting. My daughters were excited.

We didn't expect that a lot of people made a long queue. But there was a long queue. We had to wait for one hour.

There were a lot of magical scenes.

You can see my family amazed by a giant dinosaurs, flying on a flying carpet,

feeding a giraffe,

and holding a hand of my younger daughter who was about to fall down. It was fun. Can you guess where we went?

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