Biking to Yasaka, Gion Part.1

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Jan 21, 2015 18:25

It's Jan 21st, 2015. 21 days have already gone this year. We biked to the Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto last Sunday to pray for this new year. My family has a custom to do that every year. We biked toward Gion.

We usually go there via Oike Street, on the north side from our apartment. Basically, Yasaka Shrine is located along Shijyo Street, the most famous street in Kyoto. However, you can't bike along the side walk of the street. That's why you have to chose another street on the north or on the south side from Shijyo Street. Almost all streets except Oike Street, Sijyo Street and Gojyo Street are very narrow ones. Cars always run on the streets. However, it's not dangerous to bike on the streets.

Here are some photos:

On the way to Kamo River, which is located near the Yasaka Shrine, my younger daughter posted some letteres while sitting in the rear child seat of my mama bicycle. The letters contained the papers which my elder daughter took as tests for weekend homework.

We arrived at the near place from the Kamo river. I thought it is not so difficult to across the Kamo river that we had not to go and fro to search for the way to the Yasaka Shrine when we chose the south side of the streets.

But it was actually not easy to smartly chose the best way. Because almost all the narrow streets stop at the Kamo river. We needed to search for any by-pass route to across the river. Afterwards, we had to search for the best way to the Shrine among some streets which we didn't always ride our bikes. Hehe, it was annoying. To be continued at Miyagawachou Street.