Kyoto Bike Journey, Part.3, the final

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Aug 14, 2013 05:22
The main destination of that day was a swimming pool. We got there after visiting the Touji Temple. You can go there by a bus or by a bike. Everybody can use the gym.

My daughter and I swam there for two hours. We could enjoyed ourselves in the gym, and we felt very hungry. We then decided to go to a restaurant to eat something. I will upload some pictures while biking there. We biked along streets in the southern area in Kyoto.

She read some text books while sitting in the rear seat. I guess these pictures are not special to everyone.

In the pictures, you can see the Jyujyo Station and the white cubic building being constructed. The white building was of Nintendo's new head office.

After twenty minutes we got there to eat dinner. She seemed to finish reading a text book. We ordered meal sets of some grilled hamburgers. As always, said we Itadakimasu. These dishes were delicious. After the dinner she studied and I helped her out with her study. It was a very good weekend for us. :)