Kanji Museum In Kyoto

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Jul 21, 2016 19:39
Recently Kanji Museum (漢字ミュージアム)has opened in Kyoto. "How was that?" I wondered how they built the museum because kanji is intangible. My daughters and I was interested in the museum so we rode our bikes there.
There were a lot of Kanji! For example, there were 50,000 letters of Kanji on the wall inside the museum. 50,000 words mean 26 words for alphabet and 48 words for hiragana. Kanji has so many words to have, right?

The museum was consists of 2 floors. On the first floor, you walk to fill in blanks on a paper that you are given at the entrance. You sometimes stamp your names on the paper by ancient kanji.

On the second floor, there are a lot of stalls to offer kanji games Literally there were a lot of Kanji in the museum. It was fun. I recommend you to go there. Shuichi Kyoto