Two letters from Hawaii

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Aug 9, 2013 05:01
I got two emails from the most fantastic southern island, Hawaii yesterday:) Two was amazing!

The first one told me his latest experience related to mamachari. He had managed to fix a bad tire of him by himself. He had gotten the mamachari from his friend. I always see this kind of normal mamachari in Japan. This kinda mamachari would be easily forgotten from one's memory in Japan, however, his mamachari is, how you would say, Mini(Rover) from England or Panda(Fiat) from Italy. It's doesn't matter, I am glad of the fact that he enjoys the bike seating his son on it. It doesn't really matter you ride what kind of bike only if you can seat a child in the seat of the bike :)

The second one seem to be interested in getting their basic mamachari. I think mamachari will be popular in Hawaii haha. However, you know, mamachari is not the same as mama bicycle. I wrote about it before. Thank you for your understanding the difference. :)