Fun ride and Fun-tastic Dinner

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Feb 14, 2013 05:02
The other day my wife was absent at home, so I took my daughters to a downtown and made dinner for them. First, I will write about a small shopping at the downtown.

We went to Teramachi Street which is one of the down towns in Kyoto. On the way, there were too crowded to pedal. But it took only twenty minutes to get there.

That day we also played around this downtown, and then we bought some sweet croissant, of which sweet fragrance eventually made us buy them. How do I say its taste, it rather reminds me of the eggtart in Hong Kong, personally. Please try it if you find the bread shop. :

Second, we decided to make meat and tomato pasta for dinner instead of having dinner outside that evening. While I cooked it my oldest daughter made a paper globe which looked like the globe ball at Cafe Veloce. I was happy ;) We had a fun-tastice dinner ;)

Fun-tastic is made from fantastic this time ;)