An old Shop and a Water Roller

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Nov 20, 2011 00:01
An old shop and an old water roller

My daughters and I were riding my Mama bicycle along a street at Nishi-jin area in Kyoto.

Nishi-jin has been a very famous town of Japanese Kimono for so long, so there were many Kinono shops everywhere. There are many streets which would tell us some nostalgic stories or such an atmosphere.

I noticed an old oil shop on the way, then I also found an old nostalgic wooden water roller next the old shop. I unintentionally stopped pedaling my bike. That was why it had been a while since I last saw such a wooden water roller.

I like such a calm and healing object. The water roller had some green moss or glasses, which added a special atmosphere.

However my young daughters didn’t like such an old object. They wanted to hurry an library, so I made myself run to the library very soon…