I became a university student at Doshisya University yesterday.

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Nov 18, 2011 05:06

I became a university student at Doshisya University yesterday.

I was a university student yesterday. The university is Dosisya in Kyoto.
Haha, this was because I took an accounting class which was also recognized as a continual professional study.

At the University I found that it was a bike heaven. Almost all students seem to ride their bikes there. There were bikes for daily commuter everywhere. I parked my bike among them.

I attended to the accounting class. The teacher was a former company's president. The company is JR (Japan Rail). And he was the first company’s president. Wow what a big company.

He lectured us how accounting effected company's management.
As might be expected he almost spoke about JR since he was a former president.

His lecture was very easy to understand. He explained what was most important management, how important accounting figures were to the management, and JR’s history of management.

He pointed out one good practice which he produced an accounting method with a certified public accountant. It was a special depreciation method. It effected increasing 250billion in depreciation costs. Hmm, good result I thought.