At the Japanese Tea Road ( A very famous Japanese tea authority etc)

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Sep 22, 2011 05:40
I went through another route at that day while jogging early in the morning. The street was very traditionally Japan-ish. I was able to find some houses of famous Japanese tea families, Sen and Urasen. I also found another famous Temple, which is one of the original holly places of a famous monk, Nisshin who was born in early 1400s.
I saw an old Mama Bicycle parked in front of a house on the street.

To tell the truth I am not much familiar with the traditional Japanese tea history and famous old monks. My mother is a Japanese tea teacher. So I know a bit about Japanese tea background.

Anyway, Sen is a very famous Japanese tea authority. The great family was directly from Sen no rikyu, who was a servant of a great Japanese controller, Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1500s. He was also a inventor of Japanese tea culture.
In addition, Sen’s family is now named Musyanokouji, who is also the recent leader of Keio University which was established by Yukichi Fukuzawa.

About the monk, Nisshin seemed to be very brave and a man of patience. He believed and insisted that people who were suffered from very poverty in that time would be able to be saved only by the teaching of Shinran. So he suggested his idea to the Japanese controller of the time and he was deadly punished by the controller. The punishment seemed to be thrown boiled water to him. However he never give up his belief.

Ah, the entry seems to be too long, I will stop it today.