I saw a deep blue Frackers at a famous forest, Tadasu no Mori

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Jul 31, 2011 06:21
I saw a deep blue Frackers at a bicycle park near the famous forest, Tadasu no Mori which is registered as a World Heritage Sites. The deep blue one was a new one. I also felt it was cozy and beautiful. This was because it has a small and neat rear basket. Additionally some flower signs were seen on the mini holders or on the windshield. So It looks a bit elegant.
I would like to mention the front basket a bit more.

The cushion is so soft that a child will be comfortable in it. Additionally, the foot rest for the child and the head rest for the child are also created for comfort not only for a child but for moms and dads who operate it. So the foot rest is changeable with a moderate smooth speed.
If the head rest is not easy to handle, moms or dads may feel annoyed when they seat their children on the front basket. So you can handle the adjustment of the head rest with one hand easily.
Furthermore, the kick stand is still wider than other mama bicycles.