An orange Mama Bicycle, Anjelino made by Bridgestone in a park

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Jul 28, 2011 07:44
I still have a fever and my back is pain. So I will sleep today. I can't correct entries here. I will write up today's entry which I had almost created yesterday. Thank you.

I found an orange Mama Bicycle, Anjelino made by Bridgestone in a park, where our family rode our bicycles the other day. I personally like such a brightening color which make me feel fine. As you may know about the bicycle I think the Anjelino and Frackers are more popular than other Mama Bicycles. I will introduce the details of the Anjelino.
I would like to introduce some equipped functions of the Anjelino. It has a wide and tough frame especially between its handle and its seat. You may recognize its width clearly once you will see it directly. It has a large, convenient and well-designed front basket for child and luggage. If you are interested in the varieties of its functions, please see more to the next entries. The basket has a harmonized orange colored seat in it. It is nice. On the right handle, it has a easy adjuster to fix the front basket and handle. If you use the adjuster you can safely seat your child onto the front seat without being afraid that the front basket may turn round and you may drop your child off the ground. Finally, it has a wide kick stand to keep the bicycle firmly standing. So you can also safely lift your children on the seats or you can safely get your children off the ground.