Family Mama Bictcle ride to parks is very convenient, right?

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Jul 27, 2011 08:19
I had a cold yesterday so I can't wake up so early, please talke care of the summer cold. I will write about a bicycle entry as usual, adding my opinion today.

When I dropped at the Kyoto Imperial Palace I saw many moms rode their Mama Bicycles there and played with their little childre.

Like our family, many mothers ( some fathers ) take their children to a park riding their mama bicycles.
I think such a park is very helpful to grow our children. As for me I was born in a rural area and there were many natural fields where little children freely play every day without caring about the traffic danger. However, around my apartment, I can't find any safe and comfortable place where children play for themselves without those parks or playgrounds which are run by some companies, which is located some kilometers away. If we ride Mama Bicycles we can directly access those places around here..

Of course, cars may be much more convenient and comfortable. I can't deny the truth. However, if you don't have a car, you can access such a place without walking to any statiuon and waiting a train or a bus to come, that I feel very convenient.