Some entries which had introduced my bicycle blog.

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Jul 26, 2011 17:00
Some entries which had introduced my bicycle blog.

I want to summerize some entries which introduced my bicycle blog, Mama Bicycle. Some bloggers added the website link of Mama Bicycle on their website. I wnat to say "thank you" for your recongition. I wish I could directly lecture how you can ride the mama bicycle to those who are interested in. I hope I will do so in the future outside Japan.

US: Cyclicious
The writer is Richard. He is eager enough to write about world wide bicycles every day.

NL: Pop-Up-The-City
The website introduced a revolutional bicycle culture in the world.

AU: Cyclustyle
This seems to be a seller of accessories for bicycles

US: Circle of Moms
Mama Bicycle won the first prize at the nomination last month. I believe it was almost owed by you, Lang-8 friends!
mama bicycle が先月の投票会で1位になりました。ほぼほぼラング8のみなさんのおかげだと思います!

EL PAIS seems to be a famous media in Spain. DaniLopez teached me about EL PAIS (responding my question.)
EL PAIS はスペインでは有名なメディアだそうです。DaniLopezさんが教えてくれました。

( They are lined from older post)(古い記事順)

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