Mitarashi 1.

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Jul 25, 2011 19:34
Mitarashi 1.

This episode was a series of the last Saturday's outing which I wrote the other day.
My youngest daughter and I rode our Mama Bicycle to the Shimogamo Shrine via Kyoto Imperial Palace. Our cycling to the Shrine was the second time.

Surprizingly, there seemed to be a festival, where many people gathered at that time. It was the first festival there since I had started to go there seven month ago. I could not imagine such a festival was held at the silent shrine and the calm forest.

Anyway, both of we bowed twice in front of the grand gate of the Shrine and I took her to a certain house of god in the Shrine. She prayed there.
I wandered whether many festival stalls along the path to the shrine in the famous forest registered as a World Heritage Sites would cause the garbage problems although people there looked enjoying the festival in the Shrine.To be continued.
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