The longest family riding in my life 【 30 Kilometers Mama Bicycle ride 】

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Jul 24, 2011 23:24
I have managed to go home now. It is 22:00 o'clock. I have just returned home after dinner outside.

This morning, I left home with my daughters to a destination where a playground is located 10 kilometers away from our home. It was 11::00 o'clock. In fact, my eldest daughter and I have rode our Mama Bicycle to the playground once before. Um, I will write about the short story in the future.

After playing at the playground we decided to head for another destination which is located in over 15 kilometers. Ah, I will write about the short story later too.

Finally, I had to pedal for the dinner dining restaurant after we enjoyed a special thing at the second destination. I furthermore rode our Mama bicycle 5 kilometers, haha, I may introduce the short story next week.
最後、本日2つめの目的地で特別なことで楽しんだ後、夕食のレストランにむかって自転車をこぐことになりました。ははは、それで5kmまたまま自転車にのることとなりました。 来週その話も書くかもしれません。

As a result, I have totally pedaled my mama bicycle with my daughters for 30 kilometers a day. It was the first time that I have ridden my mama bicycle such a long distance a day. Thank you.