Family cycling and outing at Kyoto Imperial Palace

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Jul 23, 2011 23:43
Today I slept deeper than usual. It was too late to jog because my youngest daughter woke up. I was about to go jogging, however I decided to go outside with her.

Anyway, we rode our Mama Bicycle out home heading for the Shimogamo Shirine, however, it was too hot for my little daughter to directly go to the far Shrine.

So, first, I stopped at a supermarket to buy some sweet for my daughter. We can usually park our bicycle just in front of some supermarkets. Then I aimed to Kyoto Imperial Palace between our home and the Shrine.

I like the forest and the path in the Palace. I found a nice enough park to get her to eat something inside the Palace and parked our Mama Bicycle. We sat on a wooden picnic table there and she ate a pudding which she liked very much. We walk around the green park for a while.

PS. I have uploaded many pics of Japanese Old Steam Trains and the Museum on my bicycle blog, please check them out if you are interested in such old steam trains and station.
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