Steam Trains in Umekouji Park 梅小路の機関車

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Jul 22, 2011 23:35
Have you heard of D51(1)? Or have you heard of Kikansha? Kikansya is a steam train in Japan.
Today my family and I went to the Steam Train Museum near Umekouji Park which is located near the Kyoto Station. Ah, of course we rode our bicycles to the museum.

The museum was established in 1913. I probably think it is the oldest steam train station musuem in Japan. To tell the truth it is the first time that I have gone to the museum. I was very excited by many steam trains there.

No doubt the steam train is no more available when we usually transport ourselves in everyday life. However, we can ride on the old steam train. Our family and I excitedly even rode on the black steam train for a short time.

After the ride, we also experienced that the steam train was cleaned, especially its burned coal was eliminated outside the burning room, and extra coal was restored onto the cargo car. Then the train was parked in the train station hotel. Amazingly, the huge steam train was turn around before it was parked since the direction to the station hotel should be adjusted.
乗った後、この機関車が掃除、とくに内燃室でもえた石炭を取り除くのと、補充の石炭を貨車に乗せるところを見させてもらいました(experienced)。それと、駅舎へ格納されるとことも。 びっくりなのは、この大きな機関車が駅舎への方向を調整すべく、格納(parked)まえに、回転するところです。

I am not a crazy mania, however I was deeply fascinated by the many beautiful and thick old steam trains.