My Summer Vacation Planning / A Fascinating Blackish Front Basket for Child

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Jul 22, 2011 08:57
1.My Summer Vacation Planning

Um, I was busy reserving many hotels and chickets yesterday night because I managed to plan to take a summer vacation in two weeks. I submitted my vacation application to our office. So I was very busy to search much information related to it. This was because I have resulted in writing my entry today. To where? We plan to go Himeji Central Park, Kidzania, and a hot spring. Um, here are their websites, , , . Anyway, what I will expect the most is to eat very delicious dinner each night. In fact, my i-con on Lang-8 was taken last summer vacation in a traditional Japanese restaurant. We were very excited with the nice taste, which gave us the nice i-con.^^

2.A Fascinating Blackish Front Basket for Child ( ←Ah, should I had better to write "For" instead of "for"? )

Next, I would like to introduce a fascinating blackish front basket for child which I found at Kyoto Imperial Palace yesterday morning. It was painted blackish partly with brown. So I felt it more cool. Furthermore, it was wider and it had the back adjustment according to child growth. The adjustment will help a child to seat in the basket comfortably. Finally, it was attached with two convenient goods in same black color, the one was a mirror and the other was a umbrella holder, which help the owner to catch the more traffic information and free-handing ride in a rain. Um, you might think it would be dangerous to take an umbrella while riding bicycles. Um, I want to introduce a custom that many Japanese people ride bicycles handing their umbrella when it rains. Thank you today.

Um, I will correct your entries from now on since I have a day off today.^^

Ah, I am used to introduce many more pictures on my bicycle website than here, if you can check it out, please.