Picking super-ball at home ( Home Made Stall )

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Jul 20, 2011 04:19
As I wrote the Gion Festival was over. However, my daughters still "had a fever" to pick super-ball at home. What I mean to say that my wife bought some ”picking stick sets” for home-picking goldfish or super-ball the other day, and now there are many super-balls which my daughters picked at stalls along the festival streets last week. So we could play picking super-ball at home only if we could get additional papers needed for picking stick sets. Ah, can you understand what I have written...

Anyway, my youngest daughter and I rode my Mama Bicycle to a toy shop in order to by the papers. To tell the troth, my oldest daughter ”had a (real) fever” so she stayed at home at that time. We successfully got the papers and quickly returned home. Then my daughters enjoyed the home made stall, picking super-ball at our veranda. Hehe, I was a server to provide them the extra papers in our living room.