Nodoguro のどぐろ

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Jul 19, 2011 20:13
The big twister is coming to Japan. Almost all colleagues have already gone home since the weather alarm had been heard. However, I am still in my office because I have to complete a due diligence report which should be sent to some related parties tonight.

I am just waiting to pick other parties report about tax which should be marged to our report . So I will introduce a nice fish which is grilled at home for instance. The fish is called Nodoguro. I had never eaten the fish only two weeks ago. Once I ate the fish I was amazed with its deep taste although it looked like horse mackerels(鯵)which taste good but have rather plane taste. So I decided to buy the fish and ate it. Moreover, I sent the fish to our parents as a summer gift. If you come to Japan, please try the fish!

Ah, my mobile is ringing, see you.