The float parade (vol.1) and the boulevard Oike Street

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Jul 18, 2011 04:58
It was July 17 today. The traditional festival vehicles called Yama and Hoko were paraded today in Kyoto. The weather temperature was over 35 degree. And over two hundred thousand people visit the parade. I often hear that the most impressive scene of the parade is Tuji-Mawasi at the intersection between Shijyo street and Kawaramachi Street. Tuji-Mawasji means that people make the vehicle turn to left at the intersection. The vehicle should be moved only by hands and the weight of the vehicle is over 10 tong. So it should be very hard and skillful to do it.

(Ah I have noticed that vehicle is preferable to be said float. How do you feel that I call it the festival vehicle.)

We could see the parade preparations on the Oike Street. The Oike Street is one of the boulevards around here in Kyoto where there are many narrow roads. The preparations were held from the Kawaramachi Street to the Shinmachi Street, I could see the seats for visitors located along the streets about one kilometer long. Usually, there are less people on the Oike Street than on the Shijyo Street, however, one hundred thousand of visitors would gather there.

PS. I picked up 20 pictures pf the festival stalls here, please check them out if you can.
祭りの夜店の写真を20枚あつめました、よければみてください 。

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