The Great Mitarashi Matsuri was Held in Kyoyto

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Jul 23, 2013 04:57
The great matsuri has been held This year as it is supposed to be held in this season. My family and I biked there. I would like to write about the way to the matsuri briefly.

There is the Kyoto Imperial Palace between the Place and my apartment. So we naturally went along the Palace. Many cyclists also biked along the sidewalk of Imadegawa Street, which was run on the south of the Palace. Its fun to bike there.

We then went on from south to north along Kawaramachi Street. There were also a wide side walk. You can easily bike there.

We arrived at the Kamo River. I like the river, which has been giving me a lot of wonderful opportunities with my daughters.

We reached the Place, the Shimogamo Shrine. It has also the great forest, Tadasu no Mori. They were registered as the World Heritage Sites. The atmosphere from them are very calm .

There have been already many people. It seemed to be a big summer festival. My family and I felt the excitement from the festival naturally.

People made a very long lines when they were waiting their turns to walk in a pond. You are supposed to get off your shoes and walk in the pond.

We prepared for going into the pond. You have to pay $2 to enter the entrance.

The temperature in the pond is always crazy cold! My family and I had experienced the coldness. However we felt colder than we expected. We shouted, "Cold! Cold! Cold!".

You are also supposed to lighten a candle and put it on the lined boards. This procedure is holly.

The festival continued for four days. Every day many people did the same thing there. It's amazing, right?

After the candle service you can drink a cold water which is served by the people. The water is, of course, the natural spring water there.

People made a long line again. They were looking forward to eating Mitarashi Dango. You know, this festival is called Mitarashi Matsuri. The Mirtarshi Dango has been said to be the origin of Mitarashi Dango in Japan. My family and I waited our turn to order the dango. The Mitarashi Dango were crazy delicious ! ;)