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Feb 27, 2020 21:31

For the first time, half of Britain’s 10-year-olds now own a smartphone. But the nature of innovation on the web means it is getting harder for parents to keep up with them. Compared to even a year ago, the range of platforms and apps being used has grown sharply, with a particularly striking rise in use of WhatsApp, Tik Tok and Twitch – less so Instagram, and Facebook is so 2018!

英國十歲兒童中半數擁有智能手機,這是史無前例的。但網絡創新的本質意味著家長們越來越難以跟上孩子們的步伐。僅與一年前相比,人們使用的網絡平台和移動應用程序種類已大幅增長。其中,瓦次普(WhatsApp)、抖音(Tik Tok)和 「Twitch」(遊戲直播平台)的使用量增長尤為明顯。照片牆(Instagram)的漲勢相對較弱,而臉書(Facebook)已是早在2018年流行的社交平台了。