Translation Practice 18: Ways of Comforting patients

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Mar 15, 2017 16:41
Translation Practice 18: Ways of Comforting patients
1. How do you feel now?
2. I don’t know what should I say, but I care of you very much.
3. Please let me be your listener.
4. I want ask you about…
5. Anything can I help you?
6. If you need my company, please tell me.
Patients are relative sensitive with negative emotion. It is unnecessary to say flowery words when visiting a patient. Only talking with a patient as usual and expressing your concern through behaviors, you can convey your intention to the patient and cheer him/her up.
1. 現在感覺如何
2. 我不知道該說什麼,但我很關心你
3. 請讓我當你的聽眾
4. 我想請教你
5. 有沒有我可以效勞的地方?
6. 需要我陪伴的話儘管告訴我
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