This Weekend

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Jan 22, 2019 08:29
This Saturday, I watched a classical French film called “Le grand pardon” which is a gang and family movie. After watching this film, the composer of this film Serge Franklin had a talk. Although I didn’t understand this field very much, it was quite interesting. At night, I went to a Rachmaninoff concert played by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. I love Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto very much, but this was my first time to listen to Symphonic Dance. I became fond of this song too.
In this Sunday afternoon, I visited my father’s college classmate and brought him souvenir from Taiwan. He gave me great favor when I just came Hong Kong while finding an apartment to rent. I sincerely appreciated his generosity. Today, he showed me the countryside of Hong Kong. I was very happy enjoying different scenes in Hong Kong.
星期六去看了法國電影「贖罪日」,看完電影過後,有電影配樂大師Serge Franklin的演講。雖然不是很懂,但覺得很有意思。晚上去聽了香港管弦樂團有關拉赫曼尼諾夫的音樂會,我本來就很喜歡他的鋼琴協奏曲,這是第一次聽到交響舞曲,我也很喜歡。