That is a Japanese strange point. - Is that indiscretion? -

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Apr 3, 2011 04:11
13 years ago, a TV program broadcasted named "That is a Japanese strange points." 「ここが変だよ日本人」
The program was unique, the contents is discussion about Japanese strange points, the participants including some Japanese and many foreigners (not Japanese people).

Foreigners introducing their feelings about strange point of Japanese.

Today I introducing my feeling like the TV program.

TV Tokyo got a lot of claims about "It is inadequacy broadcasting TV animation", because of they start regular program at the moment a disaster.
(「アニメ番組を流すのは不適切」などの抗議がテレビ東京に殺到、いち早く通常番組を放送したことを受けて )

TV Tokyo is known as unusual TV station, they had not changed their program for disaster or affairs.
In this time, a lot of people got a lot of damage, so claimers said "TV station must about the disaster and should shelve broadcasting animation or comedy or drama.

Is this strange things isn't this?
Is that indiscretion?

I don't think so, of cause it is important that broadcast news about disaster or related things.
There are a lot of victims, we should not be happy, should think about victims. That is claimers opinion.
However, those claims are wrong.

Most Japanese have those thinking "Share unhappiness.".
That is very very strange.