Question to UNICEF Action for Japanese Earthquake

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Mar 27, 2011 19:36
I like comics and animation.
2weeks ago, we got the big big earthquake, so many TV programs changed.
All TV station kept broadcasting a news about the earthquake, no drama, no comedy, no anime...

It is important that to know about earthquake, but I honestly I was really boring.
I think people in the disaster area having those feelings worried, fared and bored.

I think children are felling bored.

Following article is discussion about UNICEF action for children in twitter.

Voice of "Japan UNICEF association's action is impression about their ideology about exclution Comics and Animation".

According to the article, Japan UNICEF send illustrated book for children less than 14 years old.

The action is good, but why they send illustrated book?
Surely, illustrated book is good for kindergarten children.
However the action is for children less 14 years old.
Elementally and junior high school student want comics for their boring.
Comics are able to solved those negative felling.

Japan UNICEF is known as against association of comics and animation.
Do they think about children in the disaster area?

Last of the article, @24_589 says


"In this situation, should we be sending them children's instead of other much needed supplies? UNICEF's action really pisses me off."(this is free translation.)

My thinking is same.
How do you think about this article?