♡ Paris travel alone ♡ 2nd episode ♡ From Haneda Airport to Paris 2

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Apr 8, 2017 11:12
I changed trains on the way and went to Haneda airport.

The train to Haneda Airport was full of people with big suitcases.

I was standing in a train that I had changed.

I put a large suitcase in front of me and hung a tote bag on my shoulder.


I was looking for information on Haneda Airport by cell phone.

And I noticed something.

It was my first time to go abroad from Haneda Airport.


I have been going abroad from Narita airport all the time. It was also from Narita Airport when I went to Guam or Hong Kong before.



This story marks the 162nd time I posted on my homepage.
the 160 and the 161 articles are about the first day of Paris travel alone, too.


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