Canceling my precious person's birthday celebration

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Nov 26, 2018 08:25
Canceling my precious person's birthday celebration

Today is the birthday of my precious person.
I am busy with work but preparing for her birthday holiday during free time.
I took even my company vacation.

However, due to a mistake, I can not celebrate.
Her birthday is Monday today.
In Japan the last Friday was a holiday.
It was three consecutive holidays from Friday to Sunday.

I am working on holidays and on weekends as well.
It seems that she did not think I would take my company vacation on Monday.

She misunderstood that she would hold her birthday congratulation yesterday.
I received her message yesterday while I was at work.
She asked when I would pick her up.

She made a mistake on the date.
She said that she will not see tomorrow Monday because she hurt her.

I apologized to her after work.
I persuaded her over and over, but she did not agree.

I planned her birthday celebration to become a good memory of her life,
I am very sad.

I whisper in my heart.
"Happy Birthday to you !"

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Happy Birthday to you !