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Jun 30, 2017 11:48
I saw a bulletin board of my online English class. There are many students that they really want to take a lesson from native speakers. I know there are a lot of thought each student.

However, I'm always feeling something wrong with it. Is it the most important thing? Nowadays, There are a lot of non-native speakers speak English in the world. And then non-native speakers more increase than native speakers now. They have different pronunciations.

Learning English from native speakers is not bad but I feel that learning from only native speakers seems to deny English formed non-native speakers of culture.

I think learning, speaking and hearing English from a lot of countries is important to improve our English skills. Again, I know everybody has a different opinion but what do you think that situation.

Is this situation special in Japan? or other countries also the same situation?
Learning English from native speakers is the most important thing?
私は今日、私のオンライン英語クラスの掲示板を見ました。 ネイティブスピーカーからレッスンを受けたいという生徒がたくさんいます。 私は各生徒にたくさんの考えがあることは分かります。しかし、私はいつもそれに違和感を感じます。

それってそんなに重要なことでしょうか? 今日では、母国語以外の多くの人が世界中で英語を話しています。 そして、ネイティブスピーカーよりも非ネイティブスピーカーが増えてます。 彼らは異なる発音をします。


繰り返しますが、私は皆が異なる意見を持っていることを知っていますが、その状況をどう思いますか? この状況は日本では特別でしょうか? または他の国も同じ状況でしょうか?