Favorite Son - Green Day

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Mar 15, 2019 12:54
Favorite Son - Green Day
I had no school today, so I woke up later than usual. While I was eating breakfast, I watched an American TV drama. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was from my roommate who is also Japanese. He said that since he forgot his key in his room, he couldn't enter our apartment, so I went down to the entrance to open the door. He was there, and apologized with smile. While we were heading to our room, he told me that he was about to leave our apartment because of the price of rent. It made me so irritated because he was rich. His father is a politician of a local, my roommate has got much money from the father. He has his own car, and eat every meal out everyday. Furthermore, He has just came back from the trip to Las Vegas and Vietnam. Actually, this is the biggest reason why I don't hang out with Japanese here. We have different values. In other words, there is no common topics between us. "Favorite Son" by Green Day is not a famous song because the song is the last song of Japanese edition of "American idiot". The band was against the Iraq war, and the album was composed to advocate the band's policy or philosophy. Therefore, "Favorite Son" means George W Bush, a former president who started the war. I won't write my political ideology. What I'm trying to say is that I hate the people, encouraged by rich parents. It is true that there are some lucky people in the world, but luck is not everything for our lives. I want to prove how important hard work is; I want to improve that even if people were born poor, they can make fortune by themselves. This is my deal. As a result of my school life in America, I hope I can be the person who can do that.