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Apr 27, 2016 22:49
互いのためにぴったりなようです. でも わがままで、わるがしこいRuthはKathyとTommyの間にあえなく割り込みます。生きる時間が少ないある若者のかんけいのものがたりです。読者はずっとその事実に気づいているので、その本はペーソスでいっぱいです。
Kathy is kind and loving. Tommy is vulnerable and frustrated by his short future. Although they seem perfect for each other, the selfish and manipulative Ruth tragically intervenes.
This is the story of the relationship between three people with very little time to live. Because the reader is constantly aware of that fact, the book is filled with pathos. The story is fascinating, mysterious and disturbing.