Have you seen this guy? 'Cause he's awesome!

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Jun 19, 2018 15:11
And you should spell the word "awesome" as Kung-Fu Panda does, because he is really incredible.
I'm talking about Oleg Abramov, an ordinary Russian man who makes a cover-versions of different popular English songs. He translates all the lyrics by himself. As I know, he is not a linguist, translating is just a hobby for him, but his translations are so gorgeous, it's like he feels the soul of each song (and the rhythms are the same!). I can't make such translations even though it's my specialty, l always try to show all the small nuances and one short sentence turns into ten and everyone forgets what was it all about in the beginning.
But Oleg can also sing (and he sounds really good, he copies the original manner) and he plays different musical instruments. And it's not all. He writes scripts for his musical clips, and writes his own songs.
When I hear him, l wonder how can a person have so many talents))
You should hear it yourself, you won't regret it! Especially, those who knows both English and Russian.
His project is called Radio Tapok and you can see more of it on YouTube.
Here are the links to my favourite songs:
"It's my life" Bon Jovi https://youtu.be/dz5D8yw2Nzc
"Night witches" Sabaton https://youtu.be/fV8d4Grhej8