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Hey, what's up! My name is Desmond. I am from Uzbekistan; however, currently residing in Latvia. I am learning German right now, and trying to find people to practice my German skills. I studied my Bachelor's degree in English, and I have been working in an American company for 2 years, so I can help you out with your English. Although I am from Uzbekistan, I have finished 12-year secondary education in a Russian school, so it's my 2nd native language and I can help anyone learning Russian. And maybe some Uzbek, if anyone is interested in learning that language :) Looking forward to arranging win-win learning environment.

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Halo! Mein Nickname ist Desmond. Ich komme aus Usbekistan, aber zurzeit wohne ich in Latvia. Ich mochte gut Deutsch lernen. Ich hoffne da...
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Apr 5, 2016 18:20
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