Gundam Jet flied into Osaka

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Jul 17, 2010 23:18 Osaka Airplanes Gundam
I like airports and commercial planes.
I also enjoy taking pictures of airplanes when I'm at airports.

I went to Itami Airport that has only domestic flights in Osaka.
I went there because to see Gundam Jet that ANA owns.

ANA is one of Japanese Airliners which I like more than JAL.

ANA owns a few interesting airplanes that are painted Pokemon then now they own a Gundam painted plane.

It was their first flight from Narita in Tokyo to Itami in Osaka and I had a day off yesterday.
It was a good timing to go there.

It kept on raining hard till Thu. I was worried if it was raining but the weather was perfect for spotting.

I also took some other airplanes pictures.
The Gundam Jet landed in ITM on time.

I was expecting the flashy paint like Pokemon Jet however, it had a restrained design more than I thought.

I had to gaze the plane to find that paint.

They should have painted more flashy Gundam way.