It's been a long time!

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Oct 14, 2016 02:47
It's been a long time! I finished my teaching practice on the other day. It was sometimes hard for me, but it became a good experience for me. I will do my best to be a teacher!

By the way, I have no class and spent a good time today. I went shopping and had a flat tire fixed in the morning. Moreover, I watched Chika's channel on YouTube in the afternoon. Chika is bilingual in Japanese and English. Hers channel is easy to understand and I can learn a lot from it.

I want another WALKMAN because I want to use it for studying English. I already have my WALKMAN but I use it for listening to music. I am a lack of money because I took my teaching practice and couldn't work my part-time job last month. That's why I can't buy another WALKMAN. I want to buy it by December.

Thank you for reading and please correct my sentences if there are mistakes.