I realized that tomorrow is New Year just now.

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Dec 31, 2015 22:23
I realized that tomorrow is New Year just now.But there's no one with me at home except my puppy,I'm a little sad now.I'm confused about how to spend my New Year's Eve.
I'm worried about my final tests,they're crucial for me!! I am going to review my physics and chemistry tomorrow.We have a three-day holiday(“短的假期"怎么用英语说?),it is the only thing can make me happy.
Fish flavored pork slices are really delicious,my mom could make it well.But she's not at home now...
I just heared the sounds of the fireworks outside,that made me feel sad again.
鱼香肉丝真的很美味,我妈妈很擅长做这个。但是她现在不在家... ...
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