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Jun 13, 2019 00:42 students Gaokao
In China, there is a solution to your doubt that clever and creative students may not do well on the Gaokao. Every year, many competitions are held for middle school students and high school students.

Among them, the National Olympic competitions (including maths, biology, chemistry, informatics and physics five kinds, also known as Aosai) are officially approved, which means if you win a good place at the Olympic Competition, you will have the chance to enter the best universities such as THU and Peking University, without completing Gaokao. For example, one of my classmates won the first prize at the Chemistry Competition last year, so this year he is rather relaxed. We envy him so much!

However, the competitions need knowledge to be taught in university, which is really complicated for normal students. (There are also some competitions testing students' creative ability, but are considered less important than the Olympic Competitions.)Thus, Chinese high schools would hire teachers who can train students to get a good place at high salaries, in order to win a good reputation and to take in more students of high quality next year.

The advantages of winning the competitions also make a lot of parents, who want their children to have a bright future, force children to take boring training lessons since they're small. In fact, those who truly are interested in the advanced knowledge are the minority. So it's torture for most of the kids! Honestly, I was also asked to do so in my primary school, and I could barely understand what the teacher was saying.

As time goes by, more and more peole are calling for the abolition of the competitions because they have caused so many chaotic phenomena in Chinese education. But as you said, those key universities also want to take in the cleverest students. So, this way of admitting students to universities would still exist until a fairer way appears.