After Gaokao

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Jun 12, 2019 20:05 students Gaokao
As you may know, Gaokao, the most important examination for Chinese high school students, has been finished a few days ago. It not only means the end of my high school life, but also brings the longest holiday I have ever experienced——it's 'more than 3 months!
Most of my classmates choose to take lessons they're interested in, such as driving, art and dancing lessons. Unlike them, I'm so confused that I don't have any idea of what to do during this holiday.The main reason of this situation is probably my unconfidence and anxiety about my grades. According to many examinees, this year's Gaokao is harder than last year's.As for me, I almost cried when I stepped outside of the school gate...
Why is Gaokao so important for Chinese students?To tell the truth, it is the fairest access for us to enter our ideal universities, despite us having different families or classes.No matter how well you behave at school, if you don't do well in Gaokao, you won't have the chance to enter the key universities.
However, Chinese government is trying to promote some unreasonable rules of Gaokao these years. Maybe next year, the students won't have so much pressure as us.
大多数我的同班同学都选择上自己感兴趣的课,比如驾驶,美术和舞蹈课程。不同于他们,我是如此的迷茫以至于我一点儿也不知道这个假期里我要做什么。造成这个情况的主要原因,可能是我对于自己(高考)成绩的不自信和焦虑。 据很多考生说,今天的高考比去年的难。对我来说,当我走出学校大门时,我差点就哭了... ...
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